Why I love Forever Floral

        While recently putting away my holiday decorations, I ran across my bridal bouquet. There it was - this dilapidated remnant of one of the most memorable days of my life. The vibrant colors had faded; the delicate petals crumbled when touched. The floral scents had been replaced with a musty closet odor. It was pathetic. I shook my head in disbelief that this was all that remained of my rather pricey floral accessory. What a waste!


        Many of you can probably relate to this situation. Live floral arrangements that were bought for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or anniversaries are short-lived. They momentarily provide a glimpse of beauty. Then they fade, wither, and die. Their ultimate fate is the trash bin - right along with those wasted funds. Meh!

        Now, don't get me wrong - every girl (really every person... come on guys - admit it) enjoys getting flowers. It is a timeless gesture that says "Hey, I am thinking about you" and "Know that you are loved." It is just frustrating how fleeting this precious moment is. That is why I was so excited to come across a more permanent and more personalized alternative to live bouquets. Even better, it can be found right here in the very heart of Ogden!


        Forever Floral is an emerging, local business that specializes in permanent solutions for floral gifts, ranging from themed arrangements to full bridal services. All of the bouquets are environmentally-friendly! They are made of recycled materials, including sola wood, pinecones, and cornhusks. Once you have selected your arrangement, you can further personalize it with a unique scent of your choice (i.e. Black Raspberry Vanilla, Fresh Apples, etc.) and a hand-written note. The flowers can be either picked up locally or shipped anywhere.


        The concept of Forever Floral originated on the behalf of an Ogden local who wanted flowers that would last forever. From their dream a team grew that was tired of trash-bins full of memories, and wanted something forever. Each bouquet is made by hand, dyed, personalized, and cared for by a team member who believes in that goal.



        As an avid Forever Floral supporter, myself, they are my go-to floral experts. I have bought many gifts for family and friends, who have been very pleased. I now have a gorgeous bouquet on my banquet table. The vividly colored flowers remain intact. The delicious scent of black raspberry vanilla fills the room. It will endure the challenge of passing time as a permanent decoration in my home. This is a striking contrast to my afore mentioned, decaying wedding bouquet that still sits in the closet. Honestly, my only regret is that I did not know about Forever Floral sooner. 

        If you are interested in more information about Forever Floral, please visit and peruse their website at foverfloral.com. You will not be disappointed. Not only will you be supporting a local, environmentally-friendly cause, but these floral gifts offer fun and unique alternatives to the doomed, traditional bouquets. Enjoy! 

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