At Forever Floral, we help people like you express beautiful moments with our eco-friendly wooden flowers that last forever.

Founded on the principles of simplicity, ethical business, and old-fashioned hard work, we know that no detail is too small when it comes to making someone's day special.

 Meet The Florists


I have been crafting since I was young and have done floral work for almost 10 years. At Forever Floral my specialty is custom orders where I work closely with our customers to make sure their special day is as perfect as can be! I love that our customers don't have to worry about our flowers dying, especially when they're used for weddings.

The hardest part about using our flowers is that they can be really overwhelming to work with because of all of the options!

Fun fact! I have an extensive houseplant collect - my friends even say I live in a jungle.

I’ve been working with flowers of all types for 14 years and crafting even longer. My favorite Forever Floral bouquets are ones with lots of different fillers and texture like Hazel and Only the Best.

My favorite part about working with sola wood flowers is that they don't die, although working with wire instead of fresh floral stems is uniquely challenging and was tough to adjust to at first.

Fun fact! I love to travel! My favorite place I’ve visited so far is Costa Rica!

I have been crafting and working with floral for over 5 years. My favorite Forever Floral product is our Garden Party bouquet because of how unique it is. Working with floral wire to get each bouquet to be perfectly shaped can be difficult sometimes, but it's also part of what makes our products so special!

Fun fact - I didn't want to be a florist until I tried my hand at it for the second time. After that I fell in love with it and haven't been able to look back!