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These are awesome

Received these flowers for Mother's Day from my son and girlfriend. The flowers have Japanese cherry blossom on them and not only are they beautiful...they smell great. What a very cool gift!

Mother’s Day Gift

I purchased Forever Floral’s chill in the air for my wife for Mother’s Day. I ordered it on 4/23 and got it on 4/28. It was beautiful. My wife loved it!

Very happy!

I ordered a beautiful bouquet for my 75 year old mum for Mother's day and it arrived on time and she was so touched by how nice the flowers looked. She said she really loves them. Thank you for making my mum happy with your beautiful flowers! :)


I sent these to my mom for Mother’s Day and they turned out absolutely beautiful. My mom was head over heels in love with them. I absolutely recommend this company and I would purchase again. This was truly a timeless gift

Beyond perfect

They are more beautiful in person, my mom absolutely loved them and so impressed with how they are made and what they're made of.


Mom received her flowers. I sent this with purpose. My father loves making things with wood and my mother knot her does not have a green thumb . This was a win win all around. Stunning.

Disappointing shipping

I am writing this review strictly about the shipping on the bouquets. I ordered my bouquets on April 28th and thought based on the fact that they were being shipped through FedEx they would arrive in time for Mother's Day. I logged on today to check the tracking and saw that the bouquets won't arrive until Monday after Mother's Day. Huge disappointment because the bouquets sound so pretty and so unique and the specialness of them will be lost since they will be late.

I'm in aww of my bouquet

I ordered the serenity bouquet because i can't keep live flowers in my house without our 1 cat eating them ... These flowers look so real ... a real work of art .... i will definitely be ordering more from them ....
Thank you so much

Happy customer!!!

I received my flowers today!!! Super excited and can not wait to walk down the aisle with them. I bought 2 Champagne Toast large arrangements, took advantage of the sale! I plan to use 1 for my bouquet and then utilize the other 1 to make 2 boutonnières (groom & father of the bride). My mom will be arranging those if I can take pics later and upload I will. If they had boutonnières I would of purchased that way! I will also add that the time of getting the arrangements were pretty quick. I purchased on a Sunday and got them on the next Saturday!!!

Perfect Flowers

Perfect floral arrangements for our nature themed wedding. Simple and elegant and will last forever. Received lots of compliments on them.

Coral Reef bouquet large

This bouquet is beautiful

I ordered the coral reef bouquet for my daughter's wedding bouquet. It arrived in perfect order and it's exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for an exquisite bouquet.

Beautiful arrangements, perfect gift.

Beautiful arrangement and the girlfriend loved it.
It was very well packaged and survived the trip the the UK with no issue and showed up way earlier than expected.
Will likely buy a bouquet again at some point.


I found forever floral on line and decided to give it a try. I was amazed and thrilled when i received my bouquet. It is a perfect fit for my taste. Small, dainty, soft colored flowers. and they are so soft and look so real. I am very happy with my purchase and encourage everyone to try them. You will not be disappointed. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Absolutely stunning

I was petrified by the cost of wedding flowers, but discovered Forever Floral while trying to find ways to save some money. I ordered my wedding flowers to match the "Pretty in Pink" collection, and I could not be happier with how they turned out! My floral consultant even sent progress pictures of them before they were shipped out to ensure that they were just right. I've gotten compliments from everyone that has seen them so far! I can't wait to use these on my special day!

Stunning bouquet!

I ordered the crushing on you bouquet for my wedding and I am so glad I did. It is absolutely gorgeous and looks just like the picture shown on the website. I got the large and it is so worth the money!! A few of the flowers arrived broken on top but that happened in shipping but it didn't ruin it at all!


This process was so easy and fun. I chose an already made bouquet from the website, and the stylist helped me design a boutonniere to match perfectly. When I received my bouquet, I realized it was beautiful but not didn't have the exact flowers that I mentioned I wanted. The company took full responsibility for their mistake, and because my event was 2 days away, they overnighted the correct flowers, gave me a discount, and even offered to facetime me if I needed help to switch them out. They were a fantastic company to work with!

Amazing and outstanding customer service

My flowers got lost due to Fedex. I was in distress because nothing was going well and a bunch of stuffs got canceled. The thought the my flowers for my already downsized wedding got stolen is just the last straw that I can take. I emailed them and they replied in the middle of the night just a few hours after. I emailed them really late at night thinking I might have to wait till the morning to get a reply. They was fast and created a reorder for me with no extra charge the next day. Luckily , Fedex fixed their stupid and got me the flowers a day after tracking if Fedex said it’s delivered. Some shipper marked it delivered before actually deliver it. I emailed Forever Floral back and apologize profusely because it’s not their faults that Fedex is so bad. Forever Floral was so nice, thanking me for letting them know and cancel the reorder. I’m so glad I got their flowers. They look beautiful btw. I’ll definitely get some more for my bridesmaids from them.


I bought the large bouquet called blushing beauty and I ordered the scent black raspberry vanilla. I have other scented things at the wedding that are incredibly strong, to the point I’m glad it’s outdoors, but the smell on this bouquet is sooooo goood. It doesn’t have that nasty artificial smell and the bouquet doesn’t reek from having to much added to it either. It’s light weight and delicate. The flower’s are held on my metal stems and are very hard to notice them. The size is exactly how I pictured it. The right size where it doesn’t take away from seeing the dress, but big enough that it is a statement piece. It came bubble wrapped with wrapping paper cushioning the bouquet best as possible. Mine only had a few very tiny cracks, but nothing that was anything to cry about. Great product, I’m excited that I can keep it forever. I’d buy it again.


I received my 3 bouquets the other day and they are just beautiful! I ordered on large and two small for my grand daughters...they are just perfect! The colors are vibrant and the bouquet looks very delicate - but I know they will last forever if taken care of.


These flowers are beautiful! The arrangements were a little smaller than expected, but will work just fine! I will make some height adjustments, but overall beautiful arrangements! I purchased a large and 4 smalls for bridesmaids.

Wedding Bouquet and maid of Honor

Love them both, they shipped very good. Not much damage. One or two flowers cracked.
But the size is definitely a lot smaller than anticipated.
Before I return I am thinking of buying eucalyptus leaves and adding them in to see if it helps with the size of both of them.
But all in all very pretty and good quality.
Feedback would be..ship with wire around the box so some of the flowers don’t crack during shipment.
And to make them bigger, or at least add a size up for your current large size.
I ordered the large and small size so both that you offer. The small one is super tiny and the large one is what I think the small should be.

Absolutely Stunning!

If you are on the fence, do it! Gorgeous bouquets, packed & shipped with care. Worth every cent! I forgot something when I checked out and they were so gracious to accommodate my request. Customer service is second to none! Watching and waiting for a restock.

Exactly like the picture!!

I ordered one of these gorgeous arrangements, only to go back and order three more. They’re absolutely gorgeous and look exactly like the picture. I’m patiently waiting for a restock.

Much smaller than anticipated

I ordered the large, but what arrived was much smaller than I expected. Don't get me wrong; it is beautiful and much more live looking than those cheap silk flowers, but I was expecting a large bouquet. The "large" bouquet I received measures approximately 8" in diameter. It is not horribly small, but about half the size I was actually expecting. Would still buy from them again, but definitely glad I got the black Friday price, as I would have been unhappy had I paid full price for this bouquet.