What are wooden flowers?-

Our wooden flowers are hand made out of sustainably harvested wood. Sliced thin, they have an almost foam-like texture and retain scents & colors exceptionally well. They never die or wilt either!

Do you do custom bouquets for events like weddings?+

Yes! Please reach out to us via our contact page for a free consultation. Our master florists have worked with brides for years and know exactly how to help you make sure your special day is perfect.

How do discounts work?+

You simply enter your coupon code at checkout and you'll see your order total change after applying the code.

How do I care for my flowers?+

You aren't required to do so, but some people find lightly misting their flowers with water can make them look fluffier.

How long will it take to get my order?+

In-stock items typically ship within 1 business day. Time in transit depends on the shipping option you select during checkout.

Do you ship internationally?+

Yes, we ship internationally.

How do I track my order?+

You should have received a tracking number via email or text if you selected the text option at checkout. If you do not see the email please check your spam, promotions, or "other" folder. You can also log into your account with us and view previous/current orders alongside tracking details.

Can I add to my order after placing it?+

Due to most orders shipping within less than a business day this is difficult for us to offer. It's likely that by the time you contact us, your order is already boxed and given to our shipping partner(s).

What are the flowers made of?+

Flowers are made of eco-friendly, sustainably harvested wood.

How do I store my arrangements?+

We recommend storing your flowers in a cool, dry place away from moisture or excess humidity.

Can these flowers be used outside?+

Yes. We recommend avoiding excessive moisture and humidity however.

Can you match my wedding colors?+

More often than not we can. Please contact us to set up a complementary consultation via our contact us page.

What do your flowers smell like?+

Unscented flowers do not have an overpowering or overly strong smell. They smell earthy as they are made of wood. However, they can be scented if you pick our scent option and because they are wood, they hold scent very well.

Can you make custom flowers?+

We can not make custom flowers. We can however, make custom bouquets, centerpieces and other home decor for special events and even on a wholesale basis. Please contact us to learn more.

Who arranges your flowers?+

All products are arranged in Ogden, Utah by our master florists.